My name is Andrew Mclaughlan. I am Software Developer from Falkirk, Central Scotland. My web development work includes (X)HTML, PHP & MySql web applications, CSS Style sheets, and JavaScript (Jquery & Jquery UI).

At present I am extremely busy working at SalesAgility where I have been involved in various projects centred around SugarCRM community edition. This usually means developing client specific customisations and modules or adding functionality that brings the community edition of sugar closer to Sugar professional.

The purpose of this blog is mainly to act as my own personal repository of notes and information relating to common SugarCRM coding and development tasks and I will keep it up to date as my knowledge expands with my latest projects.

Apart from web development I am a computer enthusiast. I love computers, software, and operating systems. I am also no stranger to the command line and I love to dabble with Linux operating systems. Free, open source software really floats my boat, and any code I release is usually open source. However, I don’t hold any idealistic “Open Source or Die” virtues, but I am indebted to all the developers who have opened up their software. Thanks!

I no longer work for Salesagility and have not done any work on SuiteCRM for three years. This website is just here in case anyone finds it useful.

3 comments on “About
  1. Hi Andrew,
    We are a website design company and we currently use SugarCRM, but we also use spreadsheets to manage our current projects. We are interested in migrating over to SuiteCRM and integrating everything into one central system.
    Is this something you could help with? Do you do freelance projects?
    If yes, I could send you over some further specs and we could take it from there.



  2. Andy Andy says:

    Sorry just noticed this comment. Yes that is something I could be interested in. Just use the contact form to get in touch with me.

  3. Mohammed Arshath Ali says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am new to SuiteCRM and I have experience in php,css,js,html. I just need a small contribution from your side on this. So I can start SuiteCRM as a developer. just ping me some sites where i can get some backend code for modification.


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